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by kvantomme / 31 July, 2010

We really liked the concept of the Drupal card game pioneered by NodeOne. It is a great starting point for coaches to teach teams the value of collaboration. If you make an external reward system (e.g. winning team gets a bag of sweets) and you let teams play a couple of games, you can make a meta-game in which teams can experience the difference between different playing styles (and therefore the value of collaboration).

For the Donation+ fundraising we wanted to give something back to our donors that would speak to their Drupal geekpride and that would be fun. We talked with Rustan Håkansson, the developer of the Drupal card game, who warned us that it is difficult to fine tune the rules of a game and that it is especially hard to come up with a game that will... Read more

by Coornail / 1 April, 2010

Last night I browsed 4chan as usual. Besides the usual Pedobears and Lolcats I found out that the server has been hacked, and someone made a torrent from all of those very expensive modules that are stored in the "contrib" repository.
This is a very serious issue, since the whole thing worth around $189.000 if you buy it in the shop...
Our only luck is that the very Sophisticated SecuROM copy-protection method was not hacked yet, so without it, you cannot install that version (some reports said that the "grep" hacker tool is able to circumvent the protection, but we cannot confirm that).

I'm posting this torrent, so you know you shouldn't download it:


by kvantomme / 19 February, 2010

We've blogged before about the Knowledge management feature package that Pronovix developed for Open Atrium. To make it really easy for you to test out the features, we made a tarball that contains an installation profile that by default will enable all the knowledge management goodness:

Mindmaps a.k.a. Graphmind, a mindmap module for Drupal that allows you to upload mindmaps to your Drupal site and even use data from your site to build mindmaps. Semantic editor: makes it possible to mark up snippets in a text using a WYSIWYG editor with RDFa markup. Semantic layers/filters: these 2 technologies together allow you to add CSS classes to RDFa marked up text and then change the way these are displayed. This could be used to let users choose the type of information they would be... Read more
by peter / 16 February, 2010

The following video is an initial proof of concept of the multiuser mode of Graphmind. It allows more than one user to work on the same mindmap at the same time. One step further to making Graphmind a real collaborative tool.

There is still a lot of work to prevent/resolve conflicts, but it shows the possibilities.

You can also watch the video on our Youtube channel.

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by kvantomme / 25 November, 2009

Ever since Open Atrium went public we've been working on integrating our knowledge management features into it. Yesterday we cleared the final hurdle to get our stack into beta. In this screencast you'll see the following features/modules in action:

Knowledge trail Semantic WYSIYWYG editor Semantic filters/layers Faceted insert Graphmind

In the next months we want to wrap our features into a new distribution. Obviously this all still needs some clean up and it'll take us still a bit of time to finish the package. Somewhere early 2010 we'll start providing a hosted version of the distribution to make it's functionality accessible for people that want hassle free functionality upgrades or that don't have the knowledge/time to do security updates.

We are not yet sure if we'... Read more

by kvantomme / 2 October, 2009

Just found out that the Belfast Drupal users organized a Drupalcamp in Belfast last weekend.

I'm aware of 4 more 5 more Drupalcamps that will be taking place in the fall of this year:

Drupalcamp Prague | 31 October-1 November Drupalcamp Stockholm | 11-12 November (thx Robert) Drupalcamp Vienna | 27-28 November Drupalcamp Helsinki | 27 November Drupalcamp Ghent | to be confirmed 18-19 December

I will most likely be attending the Drupalcamps in Vienna and Prague to present the work we have been doing using Open Atrium for knowledge/project management. I'll also talk about Spezzle and how we are making it possible for development shops to collaboratively build out intranet specifications and features that are adapted to the different project managment methodologies used by... Read more

by peter / 29 August, 2009

GraphMind is a mindmap solution for Drupal. With the Flex based mindmap editor you can organize your map nodes in a structured tree. Custom attributes can be added to nodes, as well as in FreeMind. On the background, the format of the map is fully FreeMind XML compatible. Besides the host site, GraphMind can connect to any external Drupal sites (service modules are required), and load data from each of these sites. A loaded data can be Drupal nodes, users, files, terms, comments and Views lists. On a developer version coming soon:

by kvantomme / 10 July, 2009

Imagine: you are doing a project for a customer who doesn't know Drupal. Even before she contacted you, she made a bunch of wireframes and detailed specifications. That's a dream case right? Just one problem, all the user interfaces and features are just a little bit different from the way things are done in Drupal. This is one of the problems we want to address with Spezzle.

Spezzle is a planning tool that helps you and your customers make Drupal site specifications that will require minimal custom coding. The platform is intended to become a library of use cases and feature descriptions for Drupal sites that can be used also by people with little Drupal knowledge to compose a complete site description. But this site feature description is just the start, in the background a... Read more

by peter / 27 May, 2009

In this video I demo the webcam trigger module that I developed. When the application recognizes a specific pattern on the webcam (e.g. an image or a logo) a custom Drupal action will be fired. This action could login the user, redirect the user to another page, send a private message or anything else you could do with Drupal.

by kvantomme / 24 February, 2009

If you ever wrote a specification, you've come across the following problem: Once you finally built your spec you need to cut it into feature-tickets, spec units that you can properly follow in your project management system. This basically duplicates your information, in a fluent text and a ticket version. It's a lot of extra work and worst of all it disconnects your specification from your project management system.

In most cases this means that from that point on, the written document is dead: the fluid text version will never be rewritten. A recipe for a communication disaster.

Today during an R&D meetup with the colleagues, I realized that it's possible to solve this problem with RDFa mark-up. Most specifications have a content hierarchy with hierarchically... Read more


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