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by Kristof Van Tomme / 14 November, 2010

Next video in the DITA documentation progress report series in which I demonstrate the results of the work of my colleagues Denes, Tamas and Kornel.

In this video you'll see:

A prototype of the documentation client and server that can be used for centralized documentation similar to how the localization server works. Poorman's DITA: A CCK form with the most important elements from the DITA topics (currently tasks and concepts) that is transformed into valid DITA XML DITA file upload: upload function for individual topics DITA folder import: a feeds extension that imports DITA topics from a folder in your Drupal installation Usability improvements on the DITA map export functionality: it's no longer required to use the command line interface to export maps. A short demo of... Read more
by Marta Maczel / 4 November, 2010

After stimulating discussions at DrupalCon Copenhagen, a ’new breed of Drupal events’ came to life: the Drupal Executives Meetup (DrupalCXO).

Its first incarnation took place in Brussels on 8-10 October 2010. The main organizer of the event was Kristof Van Tomme (Pronovix) and he got a lot of help from Rudy Van Hoe (Microsoft), Michaela Kraft (Microsoft) and Jakub Suchy (Dynamite Heads). The goal of the event was intensified networking, sharing best practices and building collaborations among Drupal companies to keep the pace in a rapidly evolving, almost turbulent market.

... Read more
by Marta Maczel / 3 November, 2010

As a concrete outcome of the 1st Drupal Executives Meetup (DrupalCXO, Brussels, 8-10 October 2010), Kristof Van Tomme, the main organizer of the event, asked me to put together the survey “Software Used in Drupal Development” to get an overview of the types of software Drupal companies use, and to get a feel how efficient the different packages are for use in Drupal companies and how they could be improved.
Everyone who contributes as a survey participant will also get the summarized version of the aggregate data.

by Kristof Van Tomme / 18 October, 2010

In this video I demonstrate the results of the work of my colleagues Denes and Tamas, who built a first implementation of a Drupal site that takes DITA topics and let's you add them in a mindmap interface to a DITAmap and than export them using the DITA Open Toolkit.

This is a follow up on the blog posts I published a month ago: one with an interface mockup and the other post with a mindmap to ditamap conversion proposal.

by Kristof Van Tomme / 23 September, 2010

In an earlier post I explained that Graphmind could be used as a tool for building ditamaps. In this post I'll explain how we could do a 1 to 1 translation of native .mm features to essential ditamap features.

Graphmind is a Flex frontend that uses the Freemind .mm mindmap XML format. In it's current implementation it requires a Drupal backend (it uses Drupal services and expects node objects) but it is not unconceavable to generalize the API so that Graphmind could be used on top of other backends.

Ditamaps are the backbone of a DITA documentation set and can be used to... Read more

by Kristof Van Tomme / 19 September, 2010

In this video I explore a couple of tools and design decisions that we are making for the DITA documentation distribution we are building in Drupal.

I talk about:
-Translating DITA into a field structure
-Bookmarklet for submission of related content
-Building DITA maps in a drag & drop UI

by Kristof Van Tomme / 15 September, 2010

At Drupalcon Copenhagen other business leaders told me over and over again how they are interested in an intensified collaboration with other Drupal shops. Several people also pointed out that this is an urgent matter, a lot is changing in the community: in the last year a number of Drupal shops and freelancers have been merging into bigger companies, many companies have been hiring at exponential growth rates, lots of big new opportunities have become available and the elephants have entered the game. Things are evolving dramatically fast.

For all the above reasons business leaders feel that even more than ever before there is a need for intensified collaboration between established Drupal shops, to share best practices, to come together and voice our unique business strategies... Read more

by Kornel Lugosi / 12 September, 2010

This small extension to the apache configuration is part of the standard Drupal distribution. It starts with a dot, so it's considered hidden in unix-based systems. It's not really important, is it?
Well, the truth is, it's one of the most important files.

Recently we discovered that a pretty high profile Drupal-based site, forgot to deploy that small file, which enabled everyone to list the /sites/ directory. You could even get to the /sites/default directory, where there was a "backup" file of the settings.php with the database settings!

Not having the .htaccess in your Drupal root is a security risk!

What can we learn from this?

Not having clean urls mostly means that .htaccess is not present When you're using version control (I mean... you do that,... Read more
by Kristof Van Tomme / 25 August, 2010

If we want to make it as easy as possible to edit the DITA documentation we need to make it easier and as fool proof as possible.

We previously implemented a WYSIWYG editor for RDFa in Drupal, which basically made it possible to add custom tags around selected text. The classic WYSIWYG editor however had a couple of downsides when used for this purpose:

Limited set of markup that starts being unaccessible once there are more than 10 properties Intuitiveness of what is where in the RDFa subject predicate object model Difficulty to recognize the parent entity to which a property is being added Validation issues

We can make the WYSIWYG editor smarter so that it only let's you add valid markup and we can add a display that gives meta information about where you... Read more

by Kristof Van Tomme / 19 August, 2010

For Drupalcon Copenhagen we are doing a special action for the early bird modulecraft donors. The first 50 donors that donate 30 or more EUR (pick any of the packages except the 10 EUR package) will receive a Mr Fivestar T-shirt on top of their normal reward. If you attend Drupalcon you'll be able to get your hands on part of your reward early. Just come to show me the confirmation of your order from the ubercart shop and I'll give you your T-shirt. If you are not attending, we'll send you your shirt together with the rest of your reward.

Donate here to get your shirt.